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Please follow the steps below for the Desktop application if Homework or Resources appear not to be updating.

Initial Check.
Ensure that you have selected the correct Channels and Classes in Personalise for Content and Homework.
  1. Click on Personalise Tab.
  2. Click on Content tab above content window.
  3. Ensure correct Channels are selected.
  4. Click on Homework tab above the content window.
  5. Ensure correct Classes are selected.
  6. Click on Save.
  7. Wait a few minutes to check if content in Resources and Homework has updated.

If your Personalisation settings are correct and the School Communicator content is not updating it may be that a file was corrupted during the downloading/ updating process due to a network error.
The easiest way to remedy this is to do a full uninstall of the School Communicator app and then a re-install.

Remedy steps:

Step 1.
Remove the School Communicator application as per the instructions on this page.
(Windows Users please perform Option 2 - Total File Removal).

Step 2:
Re-download and install the School Communicator from this page.

Step 3:
Register your information.

Step 4:
Ensure that you do not forget to customise your information feed by clicking on the Personalise tab for Content and Homework.

If you continue to have problems please do not hesitate to contact support.

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