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Effective communication is critical
Printed newsletters seldom make it home, e-mails get deleted and lost in the inbox clutter and no matter how impressive your website is - it only works if parents visit it. How do you communicate effectively with parents?

The solution is simple!
The Direct to Desktop School Communicator is an easy­to­use tool that pushes information directly to parents. It’s simple, it’s immediate and it’s cost-effective. In addition it requires almost no effort on the part of parents.

What is it?
The School Communicator is a lightweight application that runs on every parent’s computer. Information is automatically updated, even when the Communicator is not currently running. The Communicator launches every morning, so parents see the news at least once a day.

Content that’s actually useful.
The D6 School Communicator includes all the information parents really need to know. News, calendar events, a photo gallery, timetables, contact list & links to useful resources. There are also critical alerts for news that just can’t wait.

The ultimate in personalised communication.
Parents only receive news that is directly relevant. They select the grades they have children in and receive only content for those grades. Of course, content can be tagged for more than one grade – and news that is relevant to all parents can be sent to all grades.

Easy to use, easy to manage.
A simple web-­based control panel is used to manage all content. Adding and editing information is really easy -­ an intuitive interface and comprehensive online help means that anyone can manage the School Communicator. No technical knowledge is required. Includes moderated access to ensure that all content is official and correct.

Go Green.
Less paper, less printing, less waste and less clutter.
Less time wasted managing huge e-mail address lists.
Up to 40% less e-mail traffic on your server means less power consumption.
All of the above amounts to less expense and less wasted time.

Content on the go.
Accessible through all smart mobile phones and tablets.
Parent Install the Communicator on as many computers as needed – for free.
Runs on both PC and Mac computers.
Mobile applications for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

Customised for your school●
Direct Desktop Communication●
Content always up to date●
Easy to use, easy to manage●
Information that is relevant●

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Hundreds of schools and thousands of parents are using the School Communicator for effective communication on a daily basis.
Why aren't you?

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