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School feedback
We received feedback from schools that are now using the School Communicator as their primary means of communication and thought it would be helpful to share this with you. Nina Adams from St Cyprian’s mentioned the following:

Why did you stop using other bulk communication?
Parents get really confused when there are too many communication mediums such as the school website, emails, sms, hardcopies, extranet etc. We decided to consolidate communication with the School Communicator and asked parents to always check the School Communicator first.
Bulk emails were suspended soon after we launched, due to the cost and the fact that it was so time-consuming to keep email lists updated.
Emails would often not reach recipients due to spam filters or other issues and parents often missed out on important info. Hardcopies were suspended at the same time to due to paper and printing costs.

How it has improved communication from the school’s side?
Before, we found that with so many different communication mediums, information had to be duplicated in different places and many errors crept in that way.

What has the feedback been from parents?
Initially there were teething problems and as with everything, not everyone likes change. Using the School Communicator is now as normal for parents as email used to be. Parents also love that they can access it on their cell phones when they’re away from their computers. We’ve even found that the students use the mobile site quite regularly.


verb (used with object)
1. to impart knowledge of; make known: to communicate information; to communicate one's happiness.
2. give to another; impart; transmit.

verb (used without object)
1. to give or interchange thoughts, feelings, information, or the like, by writing, speaking, etc.: They communicate with each other every day.
2. express thoughts, feelings, or information easily or effectively.
3. be joined or connected.

Debra Harding, Headmaster’s Assistant, Dubai College
The school communicator is very easy to use and enables us to relay information to parents quickly and effectively.  Feedback from parents has been very positive and some do not know how they previously managed without it!

Arundhati S. Head of Marketing. Delhi Private School Academy, Dubai.
We found the D6 extremely user friendly, easily accessible and a very effective mode of communicating with our student parents. With only relevant information being targeted to our parents, D6 continues to be an important part of our communication model.

Carmella H - Communications and Marketing Manager, Dubai English Speaking School / Dubai English Speaking College (DESSC).
School communicator has, without doubt, revolutionised how we communicate with parents. The free software is easy for parents to load and to manage. From the school's perspective, it's easy to and it means that we can tailor messages to different target audiences; key stage groups, Houses, sports events and teams, the Arts and school trips. 

We can share the task of issuing messages within a wider network of administration staff; we are even able to share the role with our parent association. All the communications administrator has to do is moderate before publishing. One of the best features of Communicator is "push notifications" to Twitter and Facebook. It means we only have one job to do and Communicator does the rest!! We like the way that Communicator has developed with the needs of schools in mind along with modern technologies.
Communicator gives teachers and administrators a streamlined and efficient method of communicating with parents. And it gives parents the information relevant to them and their children.
The message I'm getting from parents is - we're on Communicator, stop sending emails!

Jim Buie - Public Relations and Marketing Officer - Raha International School. 
It has been a great pleasure working with [The School Communicator] for Raha International School – it is a fantastic tool, and I would imagine that schools as well as other organizations all over the world would be interested in adopting it. You can quote me on that.

Nadera A I. (DESC Parent) 

Thank you DESC for being so up to date with technology. I am really enjoying the pop up on my PC every morning and evening reminding me of all school event. A great addition. Go Go DESC!!

Ibtihal A.J. Director. Kidz Venture Nursery School, Dubai.
The Communicator is our way of reaching out to the parents and involving them in their children's learning. We share Pictures, News, Resources and Links with our parents with a click of a button.
It has also enabled us to respond to emergencies in a more efficient way. The alert function has saved us so much time and man power.

Nelly G. System Administrator. Al Ittihad Private School - Jumeira
I am a parent user and a school admin user of the communicator and I can safely state that the communicator is an essential tool for modern schools. It is simple to use, effective and really does work!

Alison C. PA to Head Teacher. Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS), Dubai.
We have found the Communicator an easy-to-use way of communicating information to our parents.  It pushes important calendar events and news items to parents instantly and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Katherine Benbrook, Pre-Primary Parent.
It was very easy to install and use. We have chosen the criteria we wish to receive news for as obviously the higher grade info does not apply to us. We think it is great to be able to select the news that is relevant to us as busy parents.
It communicates all the news - class, extra murals, sports, etc.It is great as it pops up with info - even to the fact that if kids go home sick, say with chicken pox, we get a notice to say there has been two kids sent home with chicken pox - watch for symptoms!
The gallery of pictures of during school activities which the teachers take and upload - i.e. assemblies, mini matches during sport development - teachers birthdays etc is great as it keeps us involved.
Overall we happy and enjoy using it and find it a lot easier to find out what is going on at the school as opposed to using paper newsletters, remembering to visit the school website or relying on e-mails which are easily lost in the inbox clutter.The year calendar with events are preloaded - so we always in the know.

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